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Why Do Men Fail at Online Dating? « The Guru Black Book

Why Do Men Fail at Online Dating?

This article has the top ten reasons why men are failing at online dating.  If you are single and haven’t yet tried online dating you are missing out on a giant opportunity to meet thousands of hot single women in your area who are ready to get in the game.  I really liked reason number 4 What To Say?  Here is an excerpt from the article specifically talking about what to say to women in that first email that you send her:

4. What to say?

Mistake men make:

Most guys don’t know what to say in the first Email. The emails women get usually range from one liners saying “hey babe, what’s up” to a 5 page emails describing every single thing the guy ever did in his life from birth to this moment. Both methods and what’s in between them are bound to fail.

Woman’s Response:

My study shows that the top three things that women are looking for are:

1. To have a good experience

2. To have fun

3. To meet a guy who will attract them emotionally.

Emails that include little or none of this will most likely be ignored.

How to Avoid Pitfall:

The email should convey the personality traits that women are attracted to: fun, humor, confidence, and social status. This doesn’t mean that you need to tell a knock knock joke about your BMW… It’s very simple actually, all a guy needs to do is be playful, and show that he is confident enough to talk to a woman.

E.g. sometimes girls will email the same first reply twice just because they clicked the send button twice by mistake. A good response to that would be to accuse them of being in love with you and to say that they will become your stalkers… if done in a funny way they will know that you are kidding and teasing them, and they will love it and write back to deny this…

iTaste – http://itaste.com.au/


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