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The Seduction Road Map Interview « The Guru Black Book

The Seduction Road Map Interview

Listen to me interview the legendary Jon Sinn. Find out how he got into all this, and how he quickly became Mystery’s lead instructor (and why he then left to start his own method at Sinn’s Of Attraction).

In this interview, I get Sinn to reveal:

1. How he became the lead instructor for Mystery.
2. How most seduction experts are all making the same mistake.
3. Ways to generate sexual attraction (the most important type of attraction).
4. How to bring up sexual topics without coming across as weird or creepy.
5. The verbal and non-verbal aspects of seduction.

…and MUCH more.

Click the play button to listen:

Learn more here: The Seduction Road Map <=

Bill Preston

The Seduction Road Map Course:

Click here to access: The Seduction Road Map

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  1. Jamal
    2509 days ago

    Great stuff, man! Makes total sense!

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