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Text Game Mastery – Interview With Race DePriest « The Guru Black Book

Text Game Mastery – Interview With Race DePriest

Race DePriest

Listen to this fun 30 minute interview where Race and I (Bill Preston from PUA Forum) break down text game and how to become a text game master.

Race was recently featured on Maxim Radio and Nerve.com and was voted one of the top PUAs of 2011.  Find out how he got into all this, and how he quickly became one of the top PUAs of 2011.

In addition to having MAD game with women, he is just a great guy to be around. He's been sending on average around 5,000 texts a month to women, so he will show you what pitfalls to avoid and how to just have amazing interactions with women.

In this interview we cover:
  • How and when to get a girls number (so you can use your texting skills)
  • Why and how it is easier to set up the date, prior to the first text
  • When you should send the first text
  • What you should NOT text a girl under any circumstances
  • How to engage a girl over text messaging (in a playful and fun way)
  • What to do when she stops responding to you
  • How to deal with (and prevent flakes)
  • The best way to go from “Text To Sex”
  • and more….
Click the play button to listen:

Learn more about his program here: Text Game Mastery <=

Click here to access B4UTXTHER:

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