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Does It Suck Or Does It Rule? « The Guru Black Book

Does It Suck Or Does It Rule?

You don’t know us very well, not yet at least.

Sure you’ve seen our website and you might be on our kick-ass newsletter, but chances are we’ve never bought you a shot, winged you with a hot girl or destroyed you at Call of Duty.

So why the hell should you listen to us?  Just because we’re funny, often times stupid, usually helpful and and all the time awesome?

No (pretty good reasons though).  It’s because we actually give a shit about a couple things (which I shall reveal now)

Look, you’re either single or thinking about being single or you wouldn’t be on this website…THIS we know.

And being single has two sides.

It either SUCKS….or it RULES…

If you’re tired of staying at home on the weekends because your social life is nowhere near what you’d like and you get nervous talking to women, even though that occupies like 90% of your thoughts…then sure, it can suck.  Everybody wants to meet a great woman (or women) to hang out with and build a real connection with.  It’s why we’re here.

And when that’s all you want…it’s easy to go crazier than a shithouse rat trying to figure out how to get these women.

So you study and read and try and fail and try again and read some more and talk to others….and sometimes it works out for you and you develop skills, other times you become more confused.

That SUCKS…and it’s precisely HALF the reason we created The Guru Black Book which was to make things easier, more efficient and less confusing for you on your journey.


Being single also RULES when you’ve “Figured it out.”  Seriously, when you have the ability to have fun not matter what happens because you have great friends and rock solid confidence, allowing you to meet whomever you want and get a conversation going effortlessly, then the world is your oyster.

When you can walk up to a girl, confidently, without the paralyzing mental-chatter and sweaty palms and you know that you have the skills and ability to talk to her and get her turned on by who you are and what you say…then being single freaking RULES.

This is the OTHER half of the reason we created The Guru Black Book which was to give you the best of the best and all the methods and techniques distilled down so you can access them quickly and easily.

But what’s in it for us (Bill and myself)

Well, we’re not giving it away, so you’ve probably realized that this has become our full time business, publishing great information about dating advice from the best in the business.

That allows us to focus on this stuff all day and bring you the best of the best.  We love our lives because we get to interact with cool guys all day long and help them find the answers they need.

Sure, sometimes we have the answers in our own little heads, but often we don’t.  Luckily we know where to go to get you the answers, and that was the reason we created this little work of art known as The Guru Black Book.

We’re pretty normal guys though, not superheros and yes, we even get shot down from time to time, just like ANY pick up artist or dating guru does.

But we’ll let you know what works for us and for others.

But we need to ask something in return.

Interact with us, leave us comments, join our tribe and let us have fun helping you together.

We have a lot of cool shit we’d love to teach you and the only way to do that is to have you interact with us and give us ideas as much as possible.

Is it a deal?

Now…if you don’t already have access to The Guru Black Book, you can get it by clicking here:
Get The Guru Black Book now

And if you have anything you’d like to ask us…feel free to leave a comment below.


Brad Jackson

Leave A Reply (6 comments So Far)

  1. jeff
    2616 days ago

    thanks for the tips.

  2. Fern
    2616 days ago

    In my study of these publishers on dating advice, seems like they are always in New York. How do people in California ever get a chance for coaching or cultivating groups who share the same common interest?

  3. Bill Preston
    2616 days ago

    Fern – I think NY just happens to be one of the major hubs for guys to meet women, primarily because there are literally 8M people in NYC (over 50% are women) and something like 70% of everyone there is single.

    So there are something like 2.8M single women in NY making it a very fertile dating ground. Plus it is one of the most fun places in the world to live.

    I lived there for three years and honed my skills with some of the best in the game (many of the guys featured in the Guru Black Book).

    This doesn’t mean that these skills don’t apply everywhere. The same skills can applied anywhere and they work with the same (or sometimes even better results).

    The main thing is to find a group of guys who are motivated like yourself – and dedicate some time to improving this part of your life.

    Once you do that – you will stand out from the crowd of lame guys, no matter where you live.

    Heck my site even has a section called “find a local wingman” where guys from all over the world are connecting and joining up to ‘sarge’ or whatever the en vogue term is for going out and improving your social skills.

    Where you live doesn’t matter… as long as you are committed to fixing this part of your life.


  4. DeMarco
    2616 days ago

    I have the privilege of living in Rio de Janeiro – one of the most magic – romanticaly speaking – cities in the wholw world, and I´m profitting from every single tiddbit of information from you guys that I can possibly get. The women in Rio are a nockout – and you wanna know a secret? – I´m a married man still looking for fun. What do you have to say about that, Brad and Bill?

  5. Gabriel Smith
    2358 days ago

    Extraordinarily useful bless you, It looks like your current readers could possibly want more well written articles such as this continue the good hard work.

  6. Berneice Stenner
    1935 days ago

    If you cannot be motivated by your income, then you need to seriously think of doing something else, either change job or add another revenue stream. Unless it is something you are completely passionate about (in that case the long term focus & love for it will motivate you), you should always be motivated by what the main benefit of work provides, which is money.

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