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Sinn: Using Relationship Ladders To Build Sexual Attraction « The Guru Black Book

Sinn: Using Relationship Ladders To Build Sexual Attraction

A couple days ago, Sinn, stirred some things up by saying that most guys are taking the slow road to seduction in his 4 point seduction roadmap. This pissed some pick up gurus off, and I don’t really agree that “none” of those systems work. Many systems work for different guys based on their own goals and personalities…such is the reason The Guru Black Book exists. But Sinn does an excellent job of helping guys overcome that feeling of being afraid to really “escalate sexuality,”

Sinn’s new video is called “Relationship Ladders” which is a great method for guys to understand how to build sexuality in a playful way that gets a girl comfortable with the fact that you WILL be having sex.

This video is a live video with an incredibly hot girl and Sinn actually demonstrates how to use a Relationship Ladder with her

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  1. George
    2399 days ago

    Great post I really enjoyed it, great site as well. I bookmarked you and I will be returning soon :)

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