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Picking Up Women At The Gym « The Guru Black Book

Picking Up Women At The Gym

What better place is there to meet a hot, sexy, healthy, fit woman than at your local gym?  You go to the gym right?  If not you should as not only will you become healthier and happier by doing a regular workout routine, you will be further motivated seeing other people in shape busting their tail to get in shape.  And of course, let’s not forget all the eye candy walking around… many of who are single and ready to date another guy who shares her passion for working out.  With that said, I found this article on the top 5 ways to pick up women at the gym:

5 Ways To Pick Up Women At The Gym

When it comes to picking up women one of the factors to be considered is the place where you’re planning to pick one up. Picking up women in the gym may sound like a good idea. Women who prefer to spend a little of their time in the gym are most likely the health conscious ones. They live a healthy lifestyle by burning their unwanted calories thorough a series of aerobics, a session of Yoga or a 30-minute run in the treadmill.

A gym is a place for fitness and healthy living. The motivation of the people inside a gym is not necessary because the end result is what matters. They all want to be in good physical shape. If you’re a guy who wants to pick up women in the gym, you’d probably want to consider tactics that are directly related to the main objective why they are there.

Share a fruit smoothie – Asking her for a cup of coffee or a serving of frappe after a workout won’t be a good idea. A cup of coffee is not the best choice for a health conscious as it contains caffeine. It’s the same thing with frappe. A single serving of your favorite chocolate chip frappe is already screaming with calories. Drink it and it’ll be as if you didn’t spend a day in the gym at all. The next best thing is a fruit smoothie. A fruit smoothie is the healthy option for you to offer to the girl you want to pick up. It’s not only a better way to enhance your diet but it’s also a refreshing treat after your exhausting work out.

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