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Nice Guys Finish Last « The Guru Black Book

Nice Guys Finish Last

So why do nice guys always seem to finish last?  There is nothing more frustrating than being nice to a woman and going out of your way to make her happy, only to have her tell you that you are great friend, but she doesn’t want anything more than your friendship.  Then the next time you see her, she is with some jerk who is treating her bad.  It just doesn’t seem fair.  Well I found this article which helps to explain why Nice Guys Finish Last.

When asked what she wants in a man, a woman will usually say something like, “I just want a nice guy …someone who cares and who listens” but the SAME women will then do the OPPOSITE and date a bad boy, a jerk…or a guy who doesn’t treat her well.

What is going on there?! Are women lying when they claim to want a ‘nice’ guy? Not at all. You see, when a woman says, “I just want a nice guy” she really does mean it. However, most guys confuse being a ‘nice guy’ with being really, really nice to a woman…and that’s where the problems begin and why most nice guys finish last with women.

When a woman refers to a nice guy she is NOT referring to the type of ‘nice guy’ who:

  • Is nervous around women.
  • Is shy in social situations.
  • Is intimidated by women and feels like he needs to impress them.
  • Doesn’t know what to say to women (usually linked into trying to impress women).
  • Is too nice to women, like he would be to his grandmother.
  • Calls women too often, not allowing them to miss him.
  • Tells women that he has ‘feelings’ for them too early.
  • Behaves submissively or weakly around women.
  • Tends to accepts a woman’s demands, just so she will spend time with him or continue talking to him.
  • Becomes a ‘doormat’ for women and puts his own needs aside.
  • Listens to all of woman’s problems and discusses them in the same way her girlfriends would.
  • Gives away his power to women, and allows women to become the ‘boss’.
  • Asks a woman what she wants to do, instead of being a man and taking the lead on dates and in relationships.

When used in combination, the behaviors and actions listed above will absolutely DESTROY the attraction a woman feels for you. Ultimately, it goes against everything that women are naturally attracted to in a man.

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last With Women

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