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Dating Gurus « The Guru Black Book

Dating Gurus

Because we wanted to bring you answers from multiple perspectives and give you the chance to hear how the Guru's answered, we contacted over 2 dozen of the biggest dating gurus and pick up artists, with a variety of backgrounds and style and asked them all the exact same questions.

Some of the Gurus you may recognize and some you may not. What's important to know is that each Guru was chosen because they bring something unique.

Each of them have extraordinary skills with women, but those are surpassed by their skills at teaching others how to do the same.

You may review each Guru and visit their individual profiles. If you would like to hear them each answer the same set of questions so you can get your answers and compare them side by side, you can do so by getting access to The Guru Black Book here.

Richard La Ruina

Vin DiCarlo

Carlos Xuma

Bobby Rio

Jon Sinn

Brent Smith

Adam Lyons

Christian Hudson

David Wygant

Dean Cortez

DJ Fuji



Jordan Harbinger

Joseph Matthews

Alex Coulson

John Alanis

Lance Mason


Marni Winggirl

Stephen Nash

Nick Quick

Julian Foxx

Action Jackson

Scot McKay


Bill Preston

Brad Jackson