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Adam Lyons Gives His Best Advice On Dating…Like Ever « The Guru Black Book

Adam Lyons Gives His Best Advice On Dating…Like Ever

Sometimes you see a video that’s so cool you just really want to share it with a lot of people…this is one of those videos.

It’s from one of our most popular and featured Gurus, AFC Adam Lyons and it’s unlike ANYTHING you’ve seen before, I guarantee it.

You will NOT hear a bunch of stupid pick up lines or cheesy methods…you will hear something much more profound, set in a video that is compelling and fun to watch.

Listen closely to the words, because they might clear away some of the fog and make you a slightly better (and happier) man.

I have to admit, the TITLE, is VERY Misleading to the meaning of the video but it was inspired by another video and is a play on that title.

It’s NOT about condoms, safe sex or anything like that…and the heart of the video starts at 32 seconds.  Watch it and comment below what you thought.

I sincerely hope Adam creates more videos like this and if he does I’ll share them with you.

For more information on Adam Lyons

Comment below and tell us what you thought.

Oh…and if you want to see the Jennifer Anniston commercial click here


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  1. NoiZe
    2537 days ago

    Yep. AFC Adam is one of the better guys in the scene. Really like the video.

  2. Curtis
    2537 days ago

    You are right: it is compelling and fun to watch. However, it is not as original as you suggest…it’s a direct take-off of the old Baz Luhrmann speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI But it’s well-done, nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Dave
    2537 days ago

    Don’t trust someone who says, “Trust me.”

  4. carey
    2537 days ago

    All true. Dont swet the details in a relationship, they always work out if you aproach them like a man. Be decisive and dont look back.

  5. admin
    2536 days ago

    Pretty enlightening isn’t is….at least refreshing

  6. Asa
    2536 days ago

    The blind leading the blind.
    Empty platitudes, with no real understanding about what a human mind or heart is.
    Trite and dated.
    Ingenuous. Phony.

    • admin
      2536 days ago

      Asa…what part of Adam’s video and advice “Specifically” do you find ingenuous and phony? I can’t think of a single thing that isn’t sound.

  7. kijinn
    2536 days ago

    to travel this far,it’s nice to meet someone who drank same water. this is all it’ come too to get there early give a rich and full ahead of you.

  8. marco
    2535 days ago

    i like the music!

  9. Mink
    2533 days ago

    I like Adam’s different take on dating, he’s a lot more wholesome than the others in the scene.

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