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A video for the Holidaze « The Guru Black Book

A video for the Holidaze

This is a very serious message from Brad Jackson and Bill Preston.

Also…just in time for Christmas…we have temporarily reopened The Guru Black Book at our launch price special of 75% off the complete program.

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  1. Arnab
    2618 days ago

    You guys need to stop being so serious all the time. Lighten up already.

  2. DoC DaVe
    2618 days ago

    hahahahahaha, you guys rock…..you need help…..but you definitely rock

  3. mike
    2618 days ago

    Cool Video, very creative. Feliz Navidad To Both of you :)

  4. Elvis
    2618 days ago

    Sheer genius. Watchout Steven Speilberg you now have seriuos challengers.

  5. Anthony
    2618 days ago

    A pretty neat video. All the best and Feliz Navidad to both of you.

  6. infometr
    2617 days ago

    Very useful article i wll add this into my blog, well done my friend

  7. Patrick
    2617 days ago

    So very funny

  8. Jamal Fam
    2617 days ago

    How did you make this blog site look this good. Email me if you can and share your wisdom. I’d appreciate it!

  9. treatment
    2616 days ago

    Hey, this was the article I was looking for.

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